Who We Are & How We Help


Our Coaches:


All of ORCA'S proud coaches are qualified and registered through Swim South Africa as learn to swim instructors and coaches. Our coaches are required to participate in regular refresher courses as well as to complete first aid training. At ORCAS we have taken part in continuous professional development through Swim South Africa and other international bodies which makes our staff highly qualified to assist you or your child in their swimming journey. Click here to find out more about our coaches.

Our Coaching Structure:

Director of Coaching – Tracey Hemphill
Tracey has been involved in swimming instruction since 2003 and was a competitive swimmer herself. She holds the following accreditations, BA Sport Psychology, Human Movement Science, Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE), Swim South Africa level 3 & American Coaches Association Level 5 coaching accreditation. Tracey is also a trained and accredited in Life coaching and Neuro linguistic programming.

We also offer one on one sessions to any swimmers starting out or to anyone who would like to maximise their training. These one on one sessions are scheduled periodically depending on coach availability and are charged for per hour, and separate to your monthly account.

All squad swimmers are required to register with Florida Swimming Club. Florida Swimming Club is the oldest swimming club in South Africa and comes with a wealth of experience in so many fields. Registering with FSC will ensure that your child is added to the Swim South Africa database and allows your child to compete at weekly club night events. Should they wish to compete in the provincial league, they can register as a competitive swimmer and participate in monthly events. It is at these events where swimmers can qualify for national and regional events.


Learn to Swim Programme

Our Learn To Swim programmes follow a structured system, developed by our director of coaching & teaching, Tracey Hemphill, and are based on programs operating in New Zealand, Australia and the UK.


Lessons are fun and progressive and

as your child works through seven stages of development.


The ORCAS LTS Framework is available for you to review and pinned up on our notice boards for you to evaluate your child’s progress.


New Developments:

We are currently running a USRPT (Ultra short race pace training) program for the squads. This is a training system based on evidence supplied by Australian sport scientist Brent Rushall, and all that info is available online for free.


If you have any questions about this program please feel free to talk to your coach, as they have been well trained in the method and should be able to answer any of your questions.

Our Affiliates:

Swim South Africa

Swim Coach

American Swimming Coaches Association