Competitive & Recreational


Our competitive training programs are geared towards swimmers at every level who are looking to develop their skills with the aim to compete as swimmers.


Non-Competitive Squads


Junior Squad: 

For Non-Competitive Swimmers Ages 8-11

Our junior program is a non-competitive program that begins to introduce competitive programming while maintaining a focus on stroke technique and development in a fun and social environment.


Level 1 Squad: 

For Fitness Focused Swimmers Ages 9-16

Our Level 1  group is for the swimmers that are interested in improving their ability but are not interested in participating in CGA competitions. Their goal is to swim for their school team and to succeed or to improve fitness.


The age group ranges from 11 – 15 years of age. Swimmers are required to register with Florida Swimming Club.


Competitive Squads & Training

Image by Arisa Chattasa

Level 2 Squad

For Young Competitive Swimmers Ages 10-14

Our Level 2 Squad group caters to those swimmers who have chosen to commit to striving towards competitive swimming and who hope to qualify for nationals. Their program is demanding and requires swimmers to fully dedicate themselves to the pursuit of achieving their goals.

The age group ranges from 10-14 years of age. Swimmers are required to register with Florida Swimming Club.


Level 3 Squad

For Elite Competitive Swimmers Ages 11+

This squad is comprised of the elite of the programme and requires the full participation of individuals who are committed and focused on swimming. These swimmers are competing at the highest level and continually honing their skills, strength and speed. Swimmers are required to attend a minimum of 6 sessions per week and must register with Florida Swimming Club.

Image by Mika

Adult Masters

For Adult Competitive Swimmers

These swimmers are not required to register with Florida Swimming Club. This group has 3-afternoon sessions per week and the program is designed to improve skills for swimmers who take part in Open Water/ Triathlon events or who are in their High School team. Competitive Masters Swimmers who would like to register with Florida Swimming Club as Masters Swimmers are encouraged to do so, and can also make use of early morning training sessions when they come on offer. It’s a great opportunity for athletes to boost their performance, with measurable improvements during each session.


Stroke Classes: Development & Drills

For Competitive Swimmers

Our Stroke Classes are a great choice to improve your athletic performance in the water. Held at both Discovery and Maragon, these 30 minute classes focus on stroke development and drills.

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